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Robert E. DeNier Youth Service Center is a secure residential treatment program serving committed and detained male and female youth between the ages of 10 and 21.

The DeNier Center serves youth with a history of delinquent behaviors, substance abuse, mild mental health issues, physical and emotional abuse, neglect and trauma needs, as well as students who did not thrive in less-restrictive settings.

The DeNier program offers a strength-based model within a campus-like setting that promotes diverse social and educational interactions essential to the competency development of students. Additional features include:

• Strength-based model program with therapeutic, educational, vocational, and community opportunities
• On-site year-round Colorado Department of Education authorized Facility School with an emphasis on academic and credit recovery, remediation as well as special education services
• Gender-specific and culturally competent services
• Rich student to staff ratio
• Cognitive behavioral curricula including Aggression Replacement Training (ART), Thinking for a Change (T4C), Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT), Victim Empathy, Anger Management, Pathways Substance Abuse, Girls Group, and Boys Group
• Specialized treatment groups and individual sessions are provided to students

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